Copy users to another project

In "Members", "Copy users" you can copy users to another project.

  • You have to select the project where the users are assigned to be able to copy them to another project.
  • To then copy the users displayed, click on "Members" "Copy users"

User overview

  • Select the users you want to copy into another project in the popup.
  • With "user-toggles" you can invert your user selection and therefor mark all users at once.
  • If "Send notification" is activated, all users will be notified via e-mail, that the've been added to a new project.

Copy users to project popup

  • To select a target project you have to select a client first. Then you'll see all the available projects for this client.
  • Now select a target project.
  • You now have an overview of all project roles, rooms and their roles. Select the roles you want to add to the selected users in your target project.
  • With "Role-toggle" you can select all "Members", "Users" and "room administrators" at once.
  • Click "Save" to add the users to your target project.