Release notes 07/2020: what are the developers up to?

Hey there.

It's been a long time since you' ve had the chance to sneak a peek into our office. Contrary to all clichés about the developer's cellar, our office is flooded with light and full of plants. To ensure that you don't lose track of new ARRI Webgate functionalities, we try to report on our topics more regularly.

- The best comes first: Finally the first step for our personalized directlinks is complete. To create the personalized directlinks, first create a directlink without inviting anyone. Then open the directlink. In the sidebar you will now find a users icon. You can invite your users and also remove them again (via the context menu. Removed users will not have access to the directlink anymore). Also you don't have to worry about the mailing anymore, because ARRI Webgate will send the directlink for you. Wohoo!
- Using right click in the ARRI Webgate Browser now opens a context menu with many practical functions.
- On our Kanban board you now have the possibility to archive cards. This will allow you to remove cards from your board without deleting them. You can find the functionality in the context menu of the board cards and board columns. You can access the archive via the context menu on the board.
- You can finally use emojis in boards and labels (just copy-paste and save). Yay. We like to use to find the perfect emoji for our boards and labels.
- We have also improved our architecture. Our upload bandwidth has increased tenfold (yes, exactly, 10 times faster!). We have upgraded alle our servers from a 1 Gbit connection to a 10 Gbit connection.
- and we fixed many small bugs.

That's it from us. Let us know your feature requests via the contact form.

See ya
the developers aka Jessie Evil, Coffee Kid, Injury Man, Merch Girl & Mad Sissi

Published at: July 23, 2020 11:45 AM

Release notes 07/2020: what...

Export comments for Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer

Export comments directly to Adobe Premiere as Adobe XML files

You have reviewed and approved an online video using ARRI Webgate and now you want to import the change requests in the comments into the editing program Adobe Premiere? The implementation of the change requests is now faster and without detours, because the Adobe-XML format has been added to ARRI Webgate, enabling comments to be imported straight into Premiere Pro – without having to go through other tools like Prelude. In addition to frame and clip comments, ARRI Webgate now also supports in and out points and passes them on to Adobe Premiere. Have you tried setting in and out points before? Well we have made this easier. Now you can simply slide the in and out points to the desired spot.

Clip-based export of comment lists

Up to now, only one file with all comments was exported for each playlist in ARRI Webgate, irrespective of the number of clips in the playlist. We talked with editors and found out that they prefer to have one comment file per clip. So that is what we have now done. In particular when multiple episodes of a season are listed consecutively as individual clips, this timeline is missing in Avid, where each video clip also has its own timeline. Now, when exporting the comments, a separate comment file is created automatically for each clip and offered for download in a zip file. Each comment file is named after its clip, to avoid confusion.

Linking the comments to timecodes

By default, the common tools like Avid start a timeline at TC 01:00:00:00. But in practice that isn’t always the case. Now the comments are linked to the sequence timecode of the video file when being exported, so that each frame-exact comment from ARRI Webgate can be found at precisely the right place in Avid.

For example: A sequence beginning with the TC 00:59:52:00 is exported from Avid and uploaded to ARRI Webgate. There, comments are left at various points. The feedback from ARRI Webgate is returned to Avid using an Avid Marker file. The comments have the identical time code as the original sequence, so they are in exactly the right place in Avid, regardless of what timecode the sequence begins at. Feedback made easy!

Also get an overview of all comment functions on videos in ARRI Webgate.

Published at: June 03, 2020 02:00 PM

Export comments for Adobe P...

Stay in touch even from the home office with the video chat function

Since personal contacts should be reduced to a minimum right now, we have integrated a video chat function for you in ARRI Webgate. There you can meet and exchange ideas with your colleagues and partners virtually, access to ARRI Webgate is not required. Simply copy the meeting link and share it with your conversation partners. You can protect your meeting with a password and share your screen. Even though the function may not be perfect yet, it can make your work and coordination easier. Feel free to give us feedback so that we can decide whether to keep the function when the crisis is hopefully over soon.

Stay cheerful and healthy!
Your ARRI Webgate Team.

Published at: April 01, 2020 12:00 PM

Stay in touch even from the...

Video and audio deliveries made easy with the folder upload

In film productions, different companies and freelancers always work together. During postproduction, therefore, data is constantly exchanged between the trades. Especially for audio data, there are often complex folder structures for stems, M&E, dialog, mix sessions, ADR, foley, etc.. If this data is shared, you want to keep the clarity with the help of the folder structures, of course. Exactly this is now possible with ARRI Webgate. Simply drag and drop a folder into the upload window. The relative path of each file is shown here. By pressing Start, the folders and subfolders are now included and all files are stored in the identical folder structure in ARRI Webgate.

The chain is now closed. You can now upload folder structures and use Directlinks to share entire folder structures. You can download folder structures with the Download Manager, currently still in the beta phase, or by using the ZIP download. And best of all, you can now send Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) without having to zip them first. Just drag and drop the DCP into the upload window and the DCP structure is preserved! This saves you a lot of time when delivering your data!

Published at: March 31, 2020 12:00 PM

Video and audio deliveries ...

Remote controlled downloads with the Download Manager

Achieve your goals faster with the ARRI Webgate Download Manager

To make downloading even faster and more reliable, we are currently developing the ARRI Webgate Download Manager. With it, you neither have to be present for downloads, nor do you have to have your browser open.

The advantages of the Download Manager are:
- Remote controlled downloads from ARRI Webgate.
- Downloads to multiple computers simultaneously.
- Downloads also continue when the browser is closed.
- Entire directories can be downloaded.
- High speed downloads from all of our servers simultaneiously
- Interrupted downloads are resumed.

A use case is for example, sending DNxHD files from the dailies department to the editing room. Whereas the editor's assistant previously had to download the DNxHD files from ARRI Webgate before starting work, editing can now start immediately. The download to the editing room's computer can now be controlled remotely through ARRI Webgate by the Dailies department, eliminating the annoying waiting times before editing can begin.

The ARRI Webgate Download Manager is currently available as a Beta feature for your Mac. If you want to test the ARRI Webgate Download Manager, simply sign-on to our Beta Tester programme. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Published at: March 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Remote controlled downloads...

Reliable and fast - The download as ZIP

Zip streaming in ARRI Webgate? Of course!
Zipping files to download them afterwards can be a tedious and lengthy proposition when the data volumes are large. But that's now a thing of the past with ARRI Webgate. Because with zip streaming, a file can be downloaded onto your computer while it is being compressed – simultaneously instead of consecutively. That makes your download faster and easier. Waiting for the Zip file to be finished is now history, and we are making something come true that our customers have been wanting for a long time.

Another benefit: The folder hierarchy remains in place when creating the Zip file, and is not removed as used to be the case when zipping, which would cause the files from different subfolders to end up in the same folder. This means more clarity, which saves you time and stress.
If the topic of directories and folder structures is of interest to you, we also have an article about how to share folder structures via Directlink .

Zip streaming is making mass downloads obsolete
And at the same time we can say goodbye to the mass download thanks to zip streaming. This also solves the problem that some browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, always asked where every single individual file was to be saved to.
This isn't a must though. Individual files can still be downloaded as always by clicking on the file.

Published at: March 27, 2020 02:00 PM

Reliable and fast - The dow...

Work safely during the corona pandemic

To help you connect and work safely during the corona pandemic, ARRI is offering its Webgate cloud service Studio 500 package for 30 days free of charge*.

As a partner to the entertainment industry, we want to do our bit to help master the severe restrictions that the corona crisis brings with it.

Stay connected
With ARRI Webgate you can save your data in our cloud and, regardless of where your individual team members are located, place comments and corrections on your video files, jointly give clearance to rough cuts using the coordination function, or send image and video files to internal and external partners with Directlinks.

To facilitate working together in this troubled time of limited personal contact, we are happy to now offer you our Studio 500 package for free for 30 days*. The Studio 500 package includes unlimited users, 500 GB of storage space, and 500 transcoding minutes. Simply click here to benefit from this special offer. The offer is aimed at all those who urgently have to communicate with their teams regarding ongoing projects, and who do not yet have their own ARRI Webgate account.

Want to learn more about how ARRI Webgate works? Click here or get in touch with us by sending us an email.

The coronavirus is posing new and unfamiliar challenges. We're all in the same boat. Let's work together to master the tasks that lie before us!

All the best. Keep healthy and calm.

Your ARRI Webgate team

* This offer is valid for all new registrations on ARRI Webgate and is valid until April 13th, 2020 or until further notice.

Published at: March 23, 2020 03:30 PM

Work safely during the coro...

Directlinks with folders

We continuously improve the functionality of ARRI Webgate and are happy to inform you that it is now possible to send an entire folder structure via a Directlink. You can now share not only single files or a folder level, but entire folders including subfolders and files contained via an ARRI Webgate Directlink.

So what's new about this?
The recipient of a Directlink can navigate the existing folder structure of a shared folder without leaving the Directlink.

Creating a Directlink to a folder is now no longer a snapshot of the folder at a certain point in time, but a real time image of the folder and its structure in your ARRI Webgate project.

Changes you make to a folder are also made simultaneously in the Directlink. If objects are added to a shared folder, they will automatically appear in the Directlink. The folder is always up to date. If objects are moved or deleted from the shared folder, they will also disappear in the Directlink.

How do I know it's a shared folder?
The paper plane icon is displayed on folders, that are included in a Directlink. Upon navigating into the shared folder a message box will inform you that the folder is included in a Directlink.

What happens to my old Directlinks with folders?
Old Directlinks to a folder are not affected by the change and will remain a snapshot of the state of the folder at the time of creation.

Now, how do I download the entire folder structure?
As a recipient of the Directlink, you can download all files included in the shared folder. However, the folder structure is currently not preserved when using the ZIP download. Stay tuned and we'll let you know once this works (within the next few weeks).

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Published at: January 30, 2020 01:00 PM

Directlinks with folders

@all - It's time to show emotions

Now you can communicate even more efficiently and mention those users in the comments for whom your statement is particularly relevant. Use the @-symbol to mention the person you want to address and they will receive a notification via the bell.

You can also underline your comments with emoticons now :-) . Scott Fahlman already realized 33 years ago that online communication can easily lead to misunderstandings, as neither gestures nor facial expressions nor pitches can be transmitted.

Especially in large teams, when a personal contact between two team members may not have taken place yet, a clear understanding of the feedback transmitted is important.

Understanding irony or critical statements via text is often difficult for the other person, which is why emoticons can help you to clarify the meaning of the statements and reduce misunderstandings. Read more about emoticons on Business Insider .

Published at: October 30, 2019 11:00 PM

@all - It's time to show em...

Vote via keyboard shortcuts in fullscreen mode

Now you can operate ARRI Webgate even better. Save time and clicks and use the practical keyboard shortcuts to navigate through your gallery or playlist. We show you how it's done and why this is so useful for your teamwork.

Which keyboard shortcuts are there?

No matter if you're in a gallery or a playlist: you can always use the shortcuts. For example just press the space key to start and stop a video. The same goes for hitting the „K“ button. With the arrow keys you can jump to the next or the prior frame. When you hit the „L“ the video plays faster. „J“ does the opposite.

If you press shift and one of the arrow keys simultaneously while watching your video, you can move ten seconds forward or backwards. In combination with the alt key it is just five seconds, and only two in combination with Ctrl.

Voting, commenting, and finding comments

These keyboard shorcuts will ease and enhance your workflow. But they are even more useful for your teamwork. By pressing „C“ all comments are displayed. If you combine it with shift you can comment yourself.

You are working on a movie project and need to quickly navigate through your comments? Again the shortcuts can help you with that. Press the dot key „ . “ to jump to the next comment in the project. Hit the comma button „ , “ if you want to go to the previous one.

You can set in- and outpoints by pressing „Ctrl“ in combination with „I“ or „O“, „I“ for in, „O“ for out. It doesn't stop there. Combine the arrow keys with alt and move your in- & out-point one frame ahead or back or jump straight to your set markers.

But sometimes there is no time even for that. No comments, no in- and out-points, you just want to rate certain sequences. You can do that - quick and easy - with the shortcuts. Just hit the „3“ to like the chosen spot. If you're in between „2“ is your choice. If you don't like what you see press the „1“. All in all a simple and logic system to rate and vote, that will blend in with your daily work intuitively.

Key combination overview appears in your galleries and playlists

No matter how intuitive those shortcuts and combinations are we don't expect you to learn them by heart. That's why you find them in the sidebar on the right hand side when you're in your gallery or playlist. Just click on the keyboard symbol and a list will open up with all keyboard combinations – including the ones described in this text.

The biggest plus: They all work in fullscreen mode

We know that most movie projects are mostly watched in fullscreen mode. So we made all shortcuts work in fullscreen as well. This comes in handy especially for the rating since you don't have to exit the fullscreen mode to rate a certain sequence. Just a simple hit on 1, 2, or 3, a jump to the next sequence and the numbers game can start again.

This helps to work more efficiently and makes your teamwork easier because the assessment of a scene or a certain element is far quicker. It also means that feedback is given faster and the project moves faster.

More information for example on how to vote in general can be found in our guide.

Your ARRI Webgate Team

Published at: August 20, 2019 08:00 AM

Vote via keyboard shortcuts...